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Dillon Sadeghian, disabled Marine veteran, needs help with medical expenses

A campaign by Alanna Sadeghian

Dillon Sadeghian, disabled Marine veteran, needs help with medical expenses

Dillon Sadeghian is a 23-year-old disabled United States Marine Corps (USMC) Veteran. He and his wife, Alanna, live in Issaquah, WA. Alanna is the sole provider for their household through a full time job on top of her last quarter of her BA at Seattle Pacific University. Dillon is injured from his infantry training in the USMC. In his left knee, he has a torn ACL, a torn meniscus, a torn proximal patellar tendon, and a twisted kneecap digging into his femur. His right knee and back have given out from compensating, among a host of other medical issues. He needs to have his entire left knee replaced. Dillon tried Physical Therapy during his time in the USMC and it was considered a failure. If he were to pursue physical or rehabilitation therapy, he would need the funds and resources to do so. These donations would help Dillon lead some semblance of a normal life until he is able to have surgery. Because surgery is medically necessary for Dillon, he doesn't have many other options for being mobile and active right now.

Sadeghian family

After three years of waiting on the USMC & the VA, Alanna and Dillon can’t wait anymore and are taking medical expenses into their own hands.

Dillon needs a collapsible wheel chair for transport. Any additional funds will be put towards the purchase of a bigger car to fit his wheel chair, service dogs, and other supplies.

Wheel chair: Will cost up to $2,000.
Something like this, or something comparable. Dillon is a very active man, and as a former soccer player and infantryman, he gets stir crazy. A wheel chair that is lightweight and portable will help him be able to do all of the things he loves again.

Vehicle: Will cost approximately $5-$10k, depending on the vehicle we find. We are working with a local dealership to find a good vehicle at a fair price.
In regards to a wheelchair friendly vehicle, we are just looking for something simple that Dillon can drive in order to get himself from point A to B. He needs to be able to transport himself, and our dogs, along with his wheel chair. Ideally it would be something along the lines of a 1998-2000 Jeep Cherokee or Grand Cherokee.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Sincerely,
The Sadeghian Family