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Ceasar Augustus surgery fund – please help

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A campaign by Sasa
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Ceasar Augustus surgery fund – please help

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I'm Ceasar Augustus, a 9 year old toy poodle, playful and with love for life. I do hide my age very well, as everyone I meet keeps asking my mom if I am a puppy. :) About a month ago, my mom with whom I have lived for all of my life became very sick and had to go to the ER at the hospital where she stayed in ICU for 3 weeks. Her daughter took care of me during this time. Even though I was very sad my mom was in the hospital, I had company of my mom's daughter's pup. After the two weeks, my mom's daughter had a tough time caring for me, it just became too much for her, which I understand. She decided to give me away to a good family, where I am at now.

When my new parents picked me up I had hurt my left back leg as I love to jump and play. I thought it was just a strain and temporary and would go away in a few days. My new mom and dad thought the same as they contained me to a small area for a week. Unfortunately, my leg did not get better and now its hurting really bad and I can no longer go for longer walks as I used to a week ago. I can't use my leg at all. It really bothers me as I love to run, fetch ball and play with my friends at the dog park. I have gained two new friends in my new family, Mishka and Nadya whom I got to know really well now, but since I am contained I cannot rump and play with them. Mishka who is one of my new brothers told me that he has had issues with his back in the past, but it had resolved if he just laid low for a few days. Well, this has not helped for me.

My mom and dad took me to the vet the other day and the nice vet took some xrays of my leg. On the good side, we found out I did not have arthritis or bone spurs. On the bad side, he told us I have an anterior cruciate ligament injury which is tearing of the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) in the knee and I would have to have a surgery which would help me to recover. My mom and dad are making it so comfortable for me, and I just love them so much. Sure, I miss my mom I grew up with, but I know I will have a good life with them. I was told that if not dealt with immediately through surgery, my other leg could rupture as well.

The surgery will cost my mom and dad $2,200. I want to woof you kindly to help us as they did not anticipate this cost when they adopted me. I love them so much, and thought I would give crowdfunding a shot. I really want to get back to normal. Hop, run with my friends, play, fetch my ball. Please help me and my mom and dad to make this happen.

Any contribution is appreciated. All funds will go to Washington State University College of Veterinary Medicine in Pullman, Washington and the Orthopedic department where the surgery will take place.

Thank you so much,
Many woofies from Ceasar Augustus and new family